Volunteering is welcomed and rewarding.

Members find that when they are involved it greatly enhances their enjoyment of IWCF! Sharing your time and talents are also a great way for you to make a personal impact and to more deeply understand this organization. There are many small ways to participate only if or when you choose. We have opportunities available to accommodate you for a little or a lot of time!

The IWCF Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month. Members are invited to attend the meeting.

To bring issues before the Board, contact Mikel Ward.

  • Mikel Ward, President
  • Susan May, Vice President of Operations
  • Kim Liebich, Vice President of Membership
  • Linnea Lovlien, Events
  • Amber Myrick, Secretary
  • Peggy Runcorn, Treasurer
  • Laura Simic, Leadership Dev. Chair
  • Jennifer Dunmire, Communications & Marketing Chair
  • Molly Harder, Education Chair
  • Jennifer Sampson, Grants Chair
  • Linda Riley, Membership Chair
  • Susan Smith, Founding President
  • Nicole Patterson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Christine Keller, Member-at-Large
  • Kathy Scott, Member-at-Large
  • Shawn Del Ysursa, Member-at-Large

IWCF Committees

Committees are open to new members throughout the year and all members are welcome to join. Please consider sharing your time and talents with IWCF. CLICK HERE for the Volunteer Form.

The DEI Committee helps foster a culture within IWCF that actively seeks and celebrates diverse backgrounds so we can better understand, connect with, and serve our community. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Nicole Patterson.

The Education Committee plans educational events to increase awareness of community needs and assets, and inspire continued philanthropic involvement. Meetings are held monthly August through May.

Get to know Education Chair, Sherry Bithell, HERE.

The Events Committee coordinates logistics for IWCF events.

Get to know Events Committee Chair, Linnea Lovlien, HERE.

The Finance Committee advises and plans for IWCF’s financial stability and sustainability.

The Governance Committee provides guidance to the Board to foster best management practices.

The Grants Assessment and Impact Committee assists and follows IWCF grant winners through the process of executing their grant proposal with liaisons and progress report reviews. This is where the rest of the story happens. They meet mostly September to June as needed.

The Grants Committee researches, evaluates, and selects applications from nonprofit organizations to be presented to the IWCF membership as finalist ballot choices for awards from the IWCF pooled grant fund. The committee begins its research in December and meets through May.

Get to know Grants Chair, Jen Sampson, HERE.

The Grants Steering Committee provides continuity and long-term strategy for grants. The committee meets September through May.

The Leadership Development Committee encourages members to become more engaged by taking on leadership roles in IWCF. The committee creates the annual slate of board members to be voted upon by the membership, provides orientation for new board members, and works with the Education and Events committees to present a leadership enhancement program for all members.
The members of the Leadership Development Committee have fixed terms and are approved by the board of directors

Get to know Leadership and Development Chair, Laura Simic, HERE.

The Communications and Marketing Committee develops and implements strategies to present IWCF to members and to the community informing them of our mission and activities.

The Membership Committee plans activities to cultivate new members and to retain members. If you would like to host a membership event, or know of a potential new member, please let Linda Riley know.

The Operations Committee plans, executes and maintains work processes, procedures and workflow procedures for the organization.

Get to know Operations Chair, Susan May HERE.